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Various clients include: Most major hotels and casinos, high end retailers, designer retail boutiques, up-scale restaurants, universities, multi-family properties and healthcare facilities, among others. Experienced in creating and overseeing projects of any scale. Our innovative team at Blue Sky works with you and your clients to ensure each installation meets the highest possible standards regardless of location. Depending on the complexity of a project, we offer full or partial installation through coordination and assistance with local contractors. We want to ensure that every piece of the project is handled professionally and managed efficiently. If you have any questions about any design or project. I personally work on every project to make sure my client’s vision and expectations are reached every time. Always thinking outside the box.  
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Blue Sky Glass Design
Glass /Mirror / Acrylic / Metal

Blue Sky Glass Design creates custom site specific art works. Using the vision and concepts of our clients.

All work is custom and one of a kind!
Custom tables, tops, and glass hanging and wall sculptures. Acrylic and glass case art work.
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